Directional Non-Force Technique Seminars® are taught by Dr. John through a modular system at various locations in the United States and some foreign countries. Only doctors and students of chiropractic may attend.

All seminars, except the Annual Advanced and Motor Skill Intensives, are for both entry level and reviewer doctors and students, and may be taken in any order.  Any chiropractic student in the first term of school is eligible and welcome to attend, as is the most experienced field doctor.

Click on "Seminar Schedule 2016" immediately below to see the schedule:

For hours, details, and typical course fees for each of our different seminars, click on a link below:

Full Spine Combo (3 Day)

Extremities-different versions

Cervical & Thoracic (2 Day)

Lumbar & Thoracic (2 Day)

Motor Skill Intensive (1 or 1 1/2 Day)

Mini Intro (2 to 6 Hours)

Policies on Course Acceptance, Policies, Discounts, Rebates, and Cancellation

Seminar Registration

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