Lumbar and Thoracic Module (2 Day)
This is an entry level and reviewer seminar, and may be taken in any sequence relative to other D.N.F.T. Seminars.  The material includes philosophy, cranials, TMJ, thoracics, low back, basic soft tissues, and the (hands on) motor skills of palpation, thrusting, and leg measuring.

This seminar is an excellent opportunity for the new attendee to learn D.N.F.T. in a compact and managable packet.  It is also a good choice for reviewers to gain specific new knowledge, have motor skills appraised, and fulfill annual referral list requirements.


Contact toward lateral lumbar disc.JPG (14037 bytes)
Course Fees for a Lumbar & Thoracic Seminar:

New DC: $375     Review DC: $325
New Student: $135       Review Student: $85

10% Discount if payment is received 45 days prior to seminar.
If paid at the door, add $25 extra.

Hours of a Lumbar & Thoracic Seminar are:

Saturday: 8:30 - 6:30 with lunch break
Sunday:   8:30 - 12:30

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